Explore Space

Wander through the solar system. Find planets and enemies to harvest and destroy. Have all the fun that exists in the universe. Be a space ship.

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Build and Defend

Upgrade your space station and ships to defend from all the annoying enemies that keep coming to try and kill you. Evolve better technology to build even cooler things!  Improve your base firepower until it could probably destroy the entire sun!

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Cute stuff

There may or may not be cute things in the game. It might just be space, and shooting, and leveling up your spaceships and towers. But we can acknowledge that cute things are cute, so here, you can look at a kitten photo.

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The bottom line: Depth

This game will test your reflexes against space combat that will rarely leave you a moment to go get some food. You will shoot at asteroids, ships, the sun, planets, and empty space - and you will enjoy it.

This space game not only has fast paced action combat that you miss from the retro days. It has lots of glowing stuff and shiny things, explosions, and even stars. Did I mention planets? Quests, idle game features, a customize-able crew. You can even custom equip your ships with modules to specialize your play style. Random maps, combo multipliers for constantly hitting enemies, and much more to come...

Designed by people who have played video games since before the internet, we know what makes a fun game. We might even be skilled enough to get some of those fun things into this game, so really you can hardly lose.

Early Footage

What is this game?

This is a tower defense game, mixed with a space action shooter, mixed with ARPG elements, equipment, customization, talents, skills, shooting, fighting,  and randomized item loot. You will customize your ships, your guns, build a fleet of ships to follow you, or guard your base. You will explore, build, defend, and craft your way to victory!